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About this project:

Welcome to the 2003 Washington County Utah Transcription Project! Our goal is to document every grave in Washington County, Utah! Documenting includes recording the location of the grave, image of the tombstone, personal / family information, portrait, obituary if available and space for a small biography. We are relying on people visiting our site for most of our information! Please send us an e-mail if you have any information to add to your ancestor or relative!

We have over 40 cemeteries in our area. These include: Native American, Pioneer and Community cemeteries. Some cemeteries are maintained, but most are left to the elements. This is one of the reasons for our project!

Even the tombstones in a maintained community cemetery are being damaged. Many of the tombstones in our county were made of sandstone and sugar stone’s. These do not hold up well in the extreme heat or with regular watering of the grass. Many of the sandstone and sugar stone tombstones have faired better left alone in non-maintained cemetery, than the ones run by a community!

Our project is an ongoing one – one that will never be finished. We hope that you will enjoy our site and find what you are looking for. We are trying to include as much information on the deceased as we can. If you have corrections, additions or comments – please let us know!


Kenneth Head – Project Director.


Information and Images can be used for personal use only. Permission for any other purpose must be obtained from Kenneth Head, Director of this Project.