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Pintura Cemetery

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West side of Freeway at I15, exit 31
Pintura, Utah

GPS Location:
37.2357 N 113.1625 W

Take exit 31 from I15. Go west of the freeway, take gravel road to the north, @ 2 tenths of a mile you will find the Cemetery. Cemetery is located @ 2 tenths of a mile south of the ranch.

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Kenneth Head at tomb2003@infowest.com


Transcriber's Notes:
Cemetery was transcribed on Thursday, June 26, 2003. Transcription by Jason Little, Photographed by Kenneth Head. Very windy day, full sun. No maintence in cemetery. There was a fire that came thru area 4-6 years ago, killed 3-4 juniper trees in the Cemetery. Only appeared to damage one small Spilsbury mortuary marker on Worthen Earl Gregerson grave. (located north end of Cemetery row 3 at the fence). Cemetery is @ 60'by 100' along the north and 90' on the south end. The east end of the cemetery boarders the Freeway right-a-way. Fence is @ 5'5" high, with a single strand of barb wire on the top, with 2" x 4" cage wire for the remander.

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