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Thornton , Mary Alice* Pinto Cemetery
Individual Information

Birth Date: Jul 29, 1858
Death Date: Feb 1, 1875
Birth Place: Pinto, Washington, Utah, USA*
Death Place:
Burial Date:
Cause of Death:
Father: Thornton, Amos Griswold
Mother: Whittaker, Mary W.*
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Veteran: NO

Portrait: Not Available
Obituary: Not Available
Tombstone Information

Plot #: 3 & 5
Plat #:
Marker Information: Present
Type: Head
Facing: W
Materials: Stone
Setting: Flat Ground
Condition: Sound
Motifs: Scrolls with flowers around the inscription
Other Notes:
On plot #3, the inscription is in mint condition. On plot #5 she is shown on the family marker. *Information from Ancestry.com OneWorldTree gave her birth place, middle name, and her mother's maiden name.

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