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Carter , Mary Ann Rankin St George City Cemetery
Individual Information

Birth Date: Oct 6, 1864
Death Date: Jan 15, 1904
Birth Place: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Death Place: St. George, Washington, Utah, United States
Burial Date: Jan 17, 1904
Cause of Death:
Father: Rankin, Richard
Mother: Donald, Catherine
Spouse: Carter, Samuel U.
Marriage Date: Nov 25, 1886
Marriage Place: St. George, Washington, Utah, U.S.A.
Veteran: NO
Mary Ann Rankin daughter of Catherine Donald and Richard Rankin, was born October 6, 1864, in Salt Lake City, Utah, second of three children, all girls. She had light curly hair and blue eyes. Her parents heard the Gospel in Scotland and immigrated to Utah about 1860, settling in the 9th Ward in Salt Lake City. Her father died in 1869 in Salt Lake, nine years after coming to Utah. Her mother married John Pymn soon after and went to live in St. George. Mary Ann at this time was 8 years of age. The family lived neighbors to the Carter family and Mary Ann chummed with Eunice Carter, Samuel's half-sister. She was educated in St. George. She was a quiet girl and a hard worker, always helping her mother in the kitchen with the cooking. In St. George, the Pymn family ran a store, post office, and a boarding house. John Pymn was a good father to the three fatherless girls and they always called him Uncle. He was Post Office Master for thirty years: he built the first Post Office building in Utah. They made trips to Salt Lake for supplies for their store which took them three weeks each time. Mary Ann was very fond of Samuel's mother, Harriet Utley Carter, also fond of children, making an efficient Sunday School teacher. She was married to Samuel U. Carter November 25, 1886, in the St. George Temple on Saturday, by President John D.L. McAllister, witnessed by William Carter and John Pymn. This couple was blessed with nine children, seven boys and two girls. Mary Ann was a faithful temple worker, going whenever time permitted. She exhibited a clean, sweet, but strong personality. She had a keen intellect, an understanding nature, and was a good, kind, affectionate mother. She died on January 15, 1904, leaving eight children. Her baby girl was three months old the day Mary Ann was buried.
Portrait: View Photo
Obituary: Not Available
Tombstone Information

Block: 7
Lot: 2
Plot #: 4-EH
Plat #: B
Marker Information: Present
Type: Tomb
Facing: E
Materials: Stone
Setting: Above Ground
Condition: Clear
Inscription: IN MEMORY OF MARY ANN RANKIN WIFE OF SAMUEL U. CARTER BORN OCT 6, 1864 DIED JAN 15, 1904 ERNEST LEEROY CARTER (SON OF MARY ANN) BORN DEC 20, 1898 DIED JULY 17, 1899 No pains, no grief No anxious fear Can reach our loved One's sleeping here
Motifs: Rose at top
Other Notes:
Pioneer plaque on bottom right corner

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