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Jarvis , Thomas William St George City Cemetery
Individual Information

AKA's: Willie
Birth Date: Oct 4, 1873
Death Date: Apr 5, 1881
Birth Place:
Death Place: St George, Washington, Utah
Burial Date: April 1881
Cause of Death: Killed by lighting on steps of the LDS Tabernacle
Father: Jarvis, George
Mother: Prior, Ann
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Veteran: NO

Portrait: Not Available
Obituary: Not Available
Tombstone Information

Block: D
Lot: F19
Plot #: 2-SH
Plat #: A
Marker Information: Missing
Other Notes:
One of the local tragedies we learn of, is the death of Willie Jarvis. The day that Willie died, he was attending school at the LDS Tabernacle (Corner of Tabernacle and Main Street in St George Utah). School was taught in the basement of the Tabernacle. The children at recess would play around the Tabernacle. The day that Willie died, there was a thunder / lighting storm. While Willie was playing on the steps of the Tabernacle, a bolt of lighting stuck him, killing him instantly. Willie was buried shorly there after near where the Sexton's office now stands. @ 10 years later, another thunder / lighting storm came thru St George. A bolt of lighting hit Willie's small grave marker and shattered it. There is not a marker today, the only reference to Willie Jarvis (besides the sexton's record) is on the Jarvis family marker located to the north of his grave @ 30 feet. Willie is buried next to a cousin - Amelia Jarvis Webb (B. Feb 2, 1878 D. Jun 6 1878). Family marker is located @30 feet to the North - West.

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