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Kemp , Chester Arthur St George City Cemetery
Individual Information

Birth Date: Nov 11, 1885
Death Date: Aug 18, 1940
Birth Place: St. George, Washington, Utah, U.S.A.
Death Place: Pine Valley, Washington, Utah, U.S.A.
Burial Date: Aug 20, 1940
Cause of Death: Drowning accident
Father: Kemp, W. Walter
Mother: Carter, Adeline
Spouse: Nelsen, Selena (Salina) Ellen
Marriage Date: Jun 2, 1904
Marriage Place: St. George, Washington, Utah, U.S.A.
Veteran: NO

Portrait: Not Available
Obituary: Not Available
Tombstone Information

Block: 9
Lot: 2
Plot #: P.C.
Plat #:
Marker Information: Present
Other Notes:
St. George City Cemetery - Register of Deaths - #2150: Chester R. Kemp, born Nov. 11, 1885, in St. George, Utah. Male, white, married. Last place of residence - St. George, Utah. Date of death Aug. 18, 1940. Name of party making report - Mrs. Chester Kemp. Cause of death - drowning accident. Full name, place of death, date of burial, parents names, spouse name and marriage date from FamilySearch.org March 2009

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